High Altitude Coffee

The higher-grown the coffee, the better.  Arabica coffee is the only species that grows at higher altitudes.  Coffee is classified by its relative density - the denser the finer.  These beans have a higher concentration of complex sugars.

3 factors that contribute to these complex sugars:

  • Harsh growing conditions - this helps to slow the bean's maturation process allowing ample time for complex sugars to develop.
  • Mountain Drainage - drainage down the mountains reduces the absorption of water.  This results in higher concentrations of flavor.
  • Less probability of disease - a lower number of plants grow at higher altitudes because of the harsh conditions.  The space between each plant is greater, helping to reduce the spread of disease.

What is considered high altitude?
Altitudes of 4,000 feet and higher are high grown.  Amavi Coffee is grown at altitudes of 5,000 feet.  This has resulted in a flavor profile that is well-balanced and very smooth.