About Amavi Coffee

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This is my idea, turned reality with the mission to showcase and highlight the great product offerings from the small Latin American country of Honduras.  As a Honduran by birth, and with a passion for great tasting coffee, I chose to merge the two into an opportunity, but not just a business opportunity, a "give-back, soul-searching and love for my roots" type of opportunity.

This led me to the Honduran Mountains in search of a premium product, with the quality that comes with high altitude, direct trade and single origin coffee.  

During my search, I found local coffee growers, hard working individuals who have a passion to cultivate and grow quality coffee beans.  Amavi has partnered with a local, Honduran-based Roaster who's ability in their craft is evident once you brew your first cup of Amavi Coffee.     

My story is embedded in our brand and name.  "Veni, Vidi, Amavi" / "I came, I saw, I loved."

~ JL, Founder of Amavi Coffee Inc.           

How good is our coffee?
Honduran coffee has been recognized with multiple awards in the international coffee community for having some of the best tasting profiles and aromas.   
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Amavi Coffee originates from altitudes of 5,000 feet, yielding a harder and denser bean that is of higher quality than lower elevations. The higher elevations help the beans to have a slower maturation process which results in more complex flavor profiles and aromas. Our coffees have profiles that range from chocolate, citrus to nutty. Your cup of coffee will be flavorful, aromatic and smooth. 100% Arabica Coffee beans.